Nags Head Beer Festival review

In Events on November 16, 2009 at 10:35 am

So my partner and I went to the Nag’s Head for the feline beer festival on Saturday. When we got there we found they didn’t do food, which I thought was odd, so we doubled back to the Village pub for a nice lunch.

When we returned to the Nag’s Head we grabbed a table and then headed out to the garden for the beer. This was on a really wet November day, but clearly the cold was good for the beers which they were serving in a covered area just outside the door. They had twenty beers which is loads, although a few had sold out as this was the last day of the festival. We tried six and they were a very varied bunch.

The staff wore cat T-shirts and there were cat decorations up. Plus they filled a wall with adverts from the Mayhew cat rescue charity for cats that needed rehousing. There seemed to be quite a few people turn up and quite a few of them were women. The feline aspect probably swung them but it’s great to see women drinking real ale and helping to break down it’s men-with-beards image.



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