Windmill cafe, lower High Street

In Uncategorized on February 16, 2010 at 7:14 pm

(Okay, restaurant reviews aren’t ‘weird’, but I really care about supporting quality local businesses.)

I’ve been coming here with my partner since it opened about, oh, four years ago? We come most weekends for lunch and sometimes in the evening for meals or tapas, especially when we have friends visiting.

The tapas reveals the key point about the Windmill – it is very much Portuguese. It has pictures of windmills and ‘A’ shaped houses. The menu reflects this too with a few fish dishes and the tapas. They also do an interesting take on the English all day breakfast with sauté potatoes and nice toasted bread.

The staff are very friendly. It dresses up a bit in the evening with tablecloths and candles but is informal enough to go eat out on the spur of the moment. It also plays a lot of Portuguese music. Most curious are the CDs of cover versions – working out their original titles gives you something to do while eating!

  1. We love this place too and head there about once a month. Great value. I also want to support it but currently quite like the fact that not everyone knows about it.

  2. […] the holiday saw the end of one of my favourite stow institutions, the Windmill cafe. Due to a rent rise and a very long renewal demand the owners decided to move on. It had been there […]

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