Daisy’s cafe, Hoe Street

In Uncategorized on February 21, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Daisy’s is another cafe I frequent with my partner, usually on Sunday mornings after we’ve been to the farmer’s market. We originally liked it for it’s nice range of light lunches like paninis and ciabattas. But I also came to appreciate other aspects. It sold art by local artists and had a very family friendly lower area with toys for the kids.

Recently they’ve branched into selling gifts. It’s all rather feminine and seems to be drawing in a lot of the ‘yummy mummy’ set that would usually frequent Eat17 in the village. This actually makes it more pleasant as it no longer attracts groups of young Eastern European men who drink endless coffee and letch the staff. They’re better off at Rio’s on the high street where they can sit and smoke outside.

Anyway while the gifts are very feminine (lots of pink, love hearts and jewellery) it at least gives you something nice to look at.

It is licensed so it can sell alcohol. I don’t believe it is open in the evenings though. Being off the high street it probably doesn’t get as much passing custom but is well worth the two minute walk from the top of the High Street.

Gifts for sale in Daisy's window

  1. I love Daisy’s, you can sit in there for ages and now they’ve got loads of toys in the back, my son will happily play whilst I do so! I agree about the Eastern European Men. Glad they’ve found somewhere else to go!

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