London Gardens 2010 in Walthamstow (part 2)

In Events on June 30, 2010 at 2:13 pm

So after the Martyn Cox garden we went over to the next street, Maynard Road, to see the garden of Don Mapp (

The first thing you notice is that the front of the house is adorned with plants. Not many houses will have carrots and strawberries growing on the front wall! The front garden is oriented to vegetables and herbs, with the railings to the adjoining property doubling as a long pot holder for herbs. The front garden path also has fetching relief shapes in the concrete.

The back garden is a lot more spacious than the previous garden we visited and with most of the plants around the outside of it creates a much more open space. There is a small spa pool which has a bordering mosaic with compass points marked in it, like it is one big garden ornament! There is a small coi pond which is very pretty and there are of course lots of plants, with quite a few exotic looking ones.

Wall garden

Plants grow right the way to the top of Don's house!

Don's front garden

Don's front garden has lots of edible foliage!

Spa pool

The spa pool also has the feel of a 'water feature'. You can see the openess of the garden past it.


An example of the exotic mix of plants.


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