R.V. Amey

In Places on July 9, 2010 at 7:33 am

There are lots of architectural curiosities in Walthamstow village. If you’ve never been there I really suggest you go for a pleasant stroll on a sunny day. When there for the Open Garden’s I saw this old building, which now seems to be used as a home. It’s on Beulah Road.

R.V. Amey sign on village building

R.V. Amey sign on village building

R.V. Amey sign on village building

R.V. Amey from across road

  1. Was this in Beulah Road, Walthamstow? I believe it is, as I used to live there as a child. Also, there were many yards of different trades/businesses that backed onto this road. My brother used to work for a ‘bookbinder’ for example. Many odd and old things have disappeared from ‘The Village’ (even though it wasn’t called that in the 1970s when I Iived there, it had the village feel to it). At the top, Orford Road of course, as I’m sure you know, is the ‘old town Hall’ that was last a small hospital when I lived there. This leads to the 16/17th century Houses at St Mary’s Norman Church and the Almshouses and Vestry House Museum (With a ‘Capital’ from one of old London’s Great Central Post Office ‘columns’ preserved outside. Also, around the corner, in Eden Road, was an old yard, with a mounted ‘Arab Sailor’ statue which has disappeared. Whilst I know most people from Walthamstow who grew up there probably don’t live there anymore, there are some amazing little sights like this. ‘Meadow Removals’ was a large yard in the middle of the street, which only seemed to be re-developed in 2004.

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