EMD Planning evening

In Art on May 31, 2011 at 11:10 am

So lots of people have already written about the night, the result and how the UCKG bussed in loads of supporters who then crammed the public seats and attempted to intimidate the planning committee. As I was one of the many left outside I joined in the chanting and community spirit that was in abundance. We crowded around smart phones following the twitter news from inside. We enjoyed the rousing bagpipe music. And we celebrated heartily after the result. I hear the Rose and Crown was heaving with winning spirit. I was in The Village with the rest of the McGuffins, Bill and John having a much needed relaxing drink after a very stressful day.

Apparently the UCKG plan to appeal but really have no ground to do so. I suspect they’ll try what they’ve just done – change the planning application and ‘dress it up’ as anything other than the change of use which they want. But their lies were exposed at Catford and what they did there has come back to bite them.

Viva Awesomestow and its fighting spirit!


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