Delice cafe review

In Uncategorized on February 23, 2014 at 4:55 pm

My partner and I usually have Sunday brunch in Daisy’s cafe on Hoe Street after visiting the farmers market. But that’s been shut for renovation for the past month. So 2 weeks ago we tried Delice a little further down. And we returned there today!

I’ve walked past many times but assumed it was more of a cake shop with all the cake references. While they seem to be a bakery it is also a cafe. The first time I went I had a tuna pasta bake with salad and this time I had a large chicken burrito. The salad bot times was really nice and each meal was good at just $4.50. My partner has taken a shine to their Spanish omlette.

It was quiet today but a bit busy last time. They have a lot of seating and the both times we had our food served really quickly.

They have a board full of lovely sounding sweets including waffles. Anyone remember when Eat 17 was a waffle restaurant?
Anyway after Daisy’s is back in service I think we may change our allegiance. Delice has a wide array of sandwich options plus different hot lunches. Worth that extra 2 minutes walk down Hoe Street in my opinion.












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