Wildcard Brewery review

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So another article written three weeks after the event. Yes, I suck at this ‘blogging’ lark, I know…

So in the first week that the Wildcard brewery opened my partner and I toddled along. Before we went in we checked out the new home of God’s Own Junkyard in the opposite building. It’s clearly a smaller venue than their old place just down the road. But I think the forced clear out/up has done them good and the smaller collection seemed a bit more tightly displayed. Great news that they will do the new signage on the upcoming Selbourne Walk revamp.

After being dazzled by neon we headed over to Wildcard Brewery. We got a very warm reception before being told about their ales. I had their hoppy pale ale and my partner had the Jack of Clubs ruby ale. Fortunately they also do very reasonably priced take out. I got a couple of bottles of Jack and a couple from other London craft beer companies (Hackney Brewing and Five Points).

As you can see they have some basic seating and tables made out of cable drums. So yes kids, more shabby chic! The log burning stove does warm the place literally and aesthetically. I expect the place to get cosier over time.

When we went they ‘did’ food by ordering and delivering pizza from a nearby place (not Eat17). But now the market hip darling Chips With Dips is now doing food there. I look forward to trying them out on my next visit.

If you love real ale and local business please give them your support. I think Wildcard add a special flavour to the area and are something we can be proud of.


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