Krypton Komics comes to Walthamstow

In Uncategorized on June 8, 2014 at 6:48 pm

This weekend my partner and I were wandering along Blackhorse Lane visiting a few of the Art Trail destinations. When we came to find Krypton Komics.

To which I exclaimed “How did I not know about this place?”

Turns out according to their web site they’ve only just moved there.

I didn’t get to look in; the need to buzz the door to gain entrance gave the impression they wouldn’t welcome passing interest and it was clear to me the lines of long boxes mark this as a place for collectors to search for issues missing from their collections. But it’s great to see a cool business move to the stow. Actually my own comic collection needs some new boxes. Maybe they’ll be able to sell me some?



  1. It’s been there for at least the 2.5-3 years since I’ve lived here so not that recent a move!

  2. The shop has been there for quite a while now – probably 10 years? Gary the owner of krypton used to have a stall in the market years ago by the library. Going to the comic stall, the video arcade further down the high street and the old cinema was how we spent our saturdays kids! I still have comics that I bought from him in the late 80’s! Hopefully worth loads of money now!

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