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Forest Wines

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Ah, I remember it well. I had spent the weekend visiting friends in the West at the South Cotswolds Beer festival. The morning after that I was catching up on facebook when I saw a post about a new off licence on Forest Road. On my way back home from Blackhorse Road station I dropped in. Had a nice chat with one of the owners and bought a bottle of the then new Wildcard IPA.

It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Forest Wines have a large range of wine which frankly I can tell you nothing about. I can tell you they stock some wonderful ales from Wildcard and other London brewers such as Pressure Drop, Redemption (from Tottenham), Kernal, BBNO and Crate. They are very knowledgeable about what they sell and have new stock in often. If you join their Facebook page there are regular updates and they love feedback from customers.

I’ve been dropping in a lot. They have slightly odd opening days so check ahead but the late night openings mean it’s easy to drop in on the way home from work 😉

My favourite new business in the ‘stow and one the cooler side of town away from Hipsterville Village!


Random photos

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Lovely old Morris car with weeds growing through it on Elmsdale Road.


Frankly scary toy homeless person on the railings of Lloyd Park. What the fuck, Walthamstow? 🙂

Ringing in the changes

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New Years Resolution: blog more.

So the holiday saw the end of one of my favourite stow institutions, the Windmill cafe. Due to a rent rise and a very long renewal demand the owners decided to move on. It had been there from shortly before I came to the area courting my partner who lives nearby. It was a great place for lunch or to take visitors for tapas and I was immensly sad to hear of its closing.

Juxtaposed with this is the new complex at the East end of the High Street. When it opened last year we went along to see ‘Intersteller’ (which I really liked). Sadly the cinema is the most basic of functional boxes; concession area and the screens. It feels rather bunker like, descending into it…

There are 4 chain restaurants as part of the development. We ate in Pizza Express. I won’t review the food, I’m sure you are familiar with this franchise but the decor was very nice. It is all inspired by the dog track and is rather uplifting!

A Nando’s has also opened. I have been saying for years that there was a chain that would do well here and they always look busy as I pass.

Still to open are a branch of Turtle Bay. I’ve never been in one but it certainly looks very colourful. And finally Yum Yums, the small Thai chain which had to fight to get included over the bigger names. I’m glad local pressure meant two smaller companies got the premises.

But given the choice I prefer to spend with the local independants. Because we’ll miss them when they’re gone.