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In Places on May 30, 2015 at 4:17 pm
Shop front

Shop front

Well the other week we noticed from a distance that number 70 Hoe Street had a lick of new paint. Well according to Walthamstow Diary it is now a gift shop. So when we went to Indulgence for lunch today we had a little walk down.

In the abscence of the great Penny Fielding shop and Lavender Village on Palmerston we’ve had a lack of gift shops in the Stow. As you can see by the window Menagerie Makes is predominently animal themed goods, although I was very tempted by the ‘I <heart> Waltahmstow’ mugs and Oyster holders.

Along with animal sock puppet kits there are many creature themed offerings. Some small but cool furniture too; I was rather taken with a side table decorated with stamps.

I’m glad to see Hoe Street getting some more love. That stretch bookended by the High Street and the Bell pub has been a bit neglected with just the Rose and Crown and Delice from the old days (I don’t count Daisy’s; used to be nice). But with Indugence and the coming Aurora Rose shop this key road is getting pretty cool. Sadly we saw a shop there last week advertised as £12,000 PA rent, 3 months in advance plus 3 months deposit. I hope greedy landlords don’t choke the regeneration here. The stow outside of the Village deserves development too.

  1. Interesting. I am so rarely over there, I tend to lose touch with developments. When (and indeed, whereabouts) are Aura Rosa due to land, do you know?

    • Hey Anise!

      Well they have their poster in the Hoe Street shop (#84, if memory serves) at the moment, but it wasn’t open as of 30th May when we walked past.

  2. Hello there!
    E17 Art House has relocated to Hoe Street and is now open between No70 and the Bell. Maybe you missed us as we are closed on Sundays.
    As well as custom framing and East London art, we now offer great gifts like Quail ceramics (also found in Liberty) and Soapsmith soaps – made in Forest Road, Walthamstow and found in Selfridges and now E17 Art House.

    We’d love to meet you, so do pop in and let us know what you think. 54-56 Hoe Street.

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