EMD Pop Up Pub

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So the plot thickens with Antic opening a pop-up pub in the EMD that has no actual end date. Which doesn’t sound suspicious at all. Nope.

So after having a nice Sunday lunch at Indulgence my partner and I walked over for a cheeky half and a look. We had a lot of memories come back as we came in. The ticket office on the left is now a food kitchen but we remember selling a great many tickets there for McGuffin film showings a decade ago. We had a wander around. The auditorium is closed but the foyer and balconies have been filled with shabby chic furniture, old art prints and mirrors. So a lot like they did with the Chequers. Oh, and it called something like ‘Majic, Merryment and Maud’ or some similar hipster shit that totally ignores the cinematic heritage.


The rear balcony area

So the old kiosk is now a cocktail bar and at the rear is a full bar between the entrances to the old small screens. We had a look around and I got a cheeky half. I’m glad it was only a half (Of 40ft Brewery IPA) as at £4.50 a pint the costs are a bit high. I think I’ll stick to the Bell. While we sat in the back they played a mix of songs from 1980’s films, which was a nice touch, considering.

As we took the place in a large number of people came around in dribs and drabs clearly coming in for a look. Many were clearly new to the area with a numbef of comments like “I had no idea it was so big!” or how old and lovely.

We also had a look at the menu but there is no fucking way I am paying £7 for a sandwich.

So, overpriced hipster bar. Better hope it becomes a cinema soon as I can’t imagine this place drawing punters away from the Victoria, Rose and Crown or the Bell (or Goose, even).

  1. It’s all a bit artificial, trying to create cool often has the opposite effect. Still, don’t you think it’s better than having a crumbling ruin that nobody derives any benefit from? I share your reservations, but I saw James Brown and the Famous Flames at the Granada, and this is a step in the right direction.

    Also, you don’t have a contact point Jonathan, it would be nice to be able to email you…

    • Heya,

      It’s nice to see it back in use, but yet another pub adds little to the nightime economy. We only have one dedicated entertainment venue, the Empire, in the stow. Another option would increase the diversity of choice.

      I’ve added my mail and Twitter details to the ‘about’ page, thanks for the suggestion!

      • Can’t argue with your point about diversity of choice. It would be nice to see that building properly refurbished as a centre for the performing arts, offering community access/education/involvement alongside high quality professional performances. There is a precedent and a tradition: The Beatles and Buddy Holly performed at the old Granada!

  2. As far as I understand it this is only a temporary measure hence the “pop up” tag whilst the theatres are being refurbished presumably to get some cash in to go some way to cover the costs needed for their refurb. I don’t understand the negativity on this post and I don’t see what’s makes it a “hipster” place anymore than the bell or chequers that you seem to approve of? Personally I think it is fantastic just to be able to get back into this wonderful building that we fought so hard for for everyone to use and not just for the members of a cult church, this could have been like the rainbow in Finsbury park and lost to the public forever. According to the plans for the space I hope to be able to see a great band, film or stand up comedy in the future in an iconic building like the empire in the Shepherds bush empire, Hammersmith Apollo or Brixton academy when the theatres are back in action!

  3. At HOW MUCH a pint! ??

    Thank you for the warning
    As a life member of CAMRA ( & “BLO” for “Wild Card” I’ll give the old Granada a miss – I’ll stick to the Bell, the Rose & Crown the Nag’s Head (all GBG) & the brewery, of course.

    I also concur with “onlyport” regarding a proper use of the building

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