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Bühler + Co

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Umlaut alert! Prepare for everything to go a bit Black Metal!

My partner and I were heading over to Bill Mo’s house to visit the East African textiles exhibition. So since we were nearby she suggested giving Bühler + Co a try.

They are based in what was Bygga Bo now they have headed off to Brighton. The layout is the same with tables at the front and we chose to sit outside on a sunny May afternoon. The decor is a lot of white wash a light wood. They have a transparent plastic roof over the back yard. This stopped the sun being too glaring and is a good idea in the UK’s changeable climate.


It’s still a little scandewegian.

It wasn’t too busy and the staff were very attentive and friendly. After sitting they immediatly brought over a jug of water with lemon and cucumber slices and glasses. This was appreciated on the hottest day of the year so far!


I’m a fan of don’t do much, but do it well.

So yeah, if that menu doesn’t indicate peak hipstergeddon I don’t know what does. Just clipped off the bottom is the fact a 10% service charge is added to all bills. I’m a fan of cash tipping and service charges are hidden costs. It is nice to see such a large choice of vegetarian/vegan options and gluten free for those with food intolerences.

There is a separtate drinks menu. I noticed BBNO and Kernal beers, two breweries I’m not personbally a fan of.

So lets get all ‘instagram generation’ and look at pictures of food.


We both went for banana and mixed berry smoothies. Ice cold and lovely.


My partner chose the scrambled tofu and reported it as being very nice.


Baked eggs with.. er… look, it’s an oily tomato and aubergine stew thing. The chick pea cake on the side was especially nice and good at cleaning up sauce.

The food really was delicious. With some nice music, the free wi-fi and a bag full of comics it was a lovely lunch. It’s somewhere I’d consider going for a treat; our two lunches came to £25, a good tenner more than we usually spend in a local ‘caff’. But overall I think it fits into the Bell Corner ecosystem really well; if you want cheaper, more mundane food there are many options on that stretch of Hoe Street. I’d recommend trying Bühler + Co as it’s quite different to other local offerings.


Auroa Rosa

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So I’m not much of a cake fan. I like cake but not really enough to go out of my way for some. Or even go to a dedicated cake shop.

Clapton Craft

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On bank holiday Monday I decided to take the senic route to the town  center through Lloyd park. Punctuated with a nice breakfast at the park cafe run by the capable crew from Le Delice. After that I strolled along Hoe Street and to my suprise our new beer shop was open!


So Clapton Craft has been open for a few weeks now. It is the third in a chain with the others being in Clapton (obvs) and Kentish Town.

Inside they have filled the wals floor to ceiling with beer. There is also a spirits section if you’re that way inclined. I think there was wine; I may not have looked at it with so much distracting beer! Oh, and also cider. Anyway there many beers from london breweries plus American and Belgian tipples.


A huge selation of craft beers.

As I was only passing I limited myself to a Foursquare IPA, Beavertown 8-Ball Rye IPA and the best find, Harviestoun Ol Dubh which is like high ABV motor oil. Importantly prices are reasonable and in line with other places like Forest Wines. I don’t think there will be much competition between the two; Forest Wines focuses more on wine than beer and has a delivery and mail order service. Plus it does well out of people like me who commute via Black Horse road station.

I like Clapton Craft. I’m sure I’ll be picking up  a few bevvies whenever I pass that end of the Stow.