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Stoneydown Folk Festival

In Events, music, Uncategorized on June 19, 2016 at 8:12 pm

After a nice lunch this Sunday my partner and I headed to Stoneydown park which is near where we live. Previous festivals have either had blazing sun or grim rain but this year seemed to be a compromise of warmish overcast.


A good turnout

We had a bit of a wander around. The music was nice, but not a genre I’m a fan of. There were many craft stalls around. We bought some Stow themed cards off local artist Farah Ishaq. She was raising money for her Masters degree she is about to start at the University Of London. Alongside her stall were various soft goods, textiles and other printers. “The home of those who make and create” indeed.

Speaking of local creators the Wildcard brewery provided a bar. A pint of Queen of Diamonds went down well as we sat and people watched.


Ukulele band

My partner observed that there were very few teenagers about. Lots of young families but fewer established families. With the surrounding Warner estate being mostly flat I guess many families move out of the area when they have more than one child.

Before heading off we went to look at the food vans which had been cleverly located in the neighbouring school grounds. My partner enjoyed some chips from the local chippie van Chips n’ Dips. Nom nom.

I’ve always loved how the park is used by a lot of the local community. The annual festival seems to be the pinnacle of this and I hope it encourages more locals to make use of this nice little space.