Sodo Pizza

In Uncategorized on July 17, 2016 at 2:59 pm

(Argh! My camera phone lost the photos!)

After having an afternoon seeing a film at the Barbican my partner and I fancied treating ourselves to dinner out. Which is always a good excuse to try a new local place we’ve heard so much about.

We turned up at 6:30PM on a Saturday and the place was really busy. Judging by the families probably lots of post-shopping meals. We’d had a nose through the door just after they’d opened and it seemed to me they have settled in a lot more since. They had space for us at the bar which gives a good view of the place, even if my short other half had a comedy moment getting onto the high bar stools. Sadly there were no chelsea hooks so I ended up sitting on my coat. I liked the warmly lit atmosphere, especially as the view from the window was the back walls of Hoe Street.

The waiter gave us a bottle of water and glasses with the menus which was much appreciated on a warm evening. The menu is short but focused; I hate having to read a multi page listing of minor varients of the same thing. They only do sourdough pizza; this is not a genric Italian.

There is a good beer selection from local breweries; I went for a Beavertown 8-Ball, my favourite of that house. My partner went for the restaurant’s own ginger ale which received a good review; while having chmotherapy last year my other half consumed a lot of ginger based products to deal with the nausea so is very qualified on the subject.

We were a bit boring and shared a simple garlic bread as a starter. It was very well done though; the bread slices had just a hint of crispness on the ouside. For our mains we had a goats cheese based pizza (mine) and a meaty one (hers). My pizza had a heap of rocket in the middle much like Pepe’s pizza at the Rose and Crown. The sun dried tomatos on it were really strong too. It was a very nice pizza and their reputation is deserved.

They had wifi but it was locked; I wasn’t too fussed at the time about checking my Facebook so I don’t know how good it is. But this isn’t a cafe where one checks out the Saturday night social reports on a Sunday morning; it’s a lively, social place where the staff are very friendly. I got into a chat with the guy seemingly running this branch about their drinks menu (I’d noticed the mixers).

Our meal for two came to £29. A totally fair price for good food and abiance and one which I suspect keeps their tables full.

It was funny back when it was the odd little cafe that had a lot of Equadorean food on the menu but hardly ever seemed to be open. But this back ally eaterie seems to have become a cornerstone of the local food scene and I can see it being one of my regulers – as long as they can fit me in at the bar.


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