Studio 69

In Uncategorized on September 3, 2016 at 6:20 pm

I got my first tattoo today. At 43 years old I got inked at Bell Corner.

The tattoo is personal, and one I’d wanted for a long time. Quite a while ago Studio69 was recommended by a few people in the Walthamstow Life FB group and I made a note. I dropped in a few weeks ago but both the tattooists were away on holiday. But I was impressed by the assistance and advice of their colleague so a few days later committed to an appointment with a £20 deposit.

While it was the first tattoo I have number of body piercngs and I can say that the professionalism of the staff there impressed me. A frank discussion of potential health issues as revealed on an obligatory form (I ticked a couple of those boxes). And a discussion of what I wanted, and the best way to achive it.

My tattooist, Desmond, was very friendly and constructive. His work area was clean and well organised and it was clear that he took good care of his equipment. He stopped often to check I was okay during the process.

I’m clearly no expert on the field but my experience here was totally positive. I’m really happy I could get the work done locally. Apparently they have been there for over 6 years and such a creative place fits in well with the Bell Corner regeneration.


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