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‘Root + Bone’ magazine

In food, magazines on March 7, 2015 at 2:59 pm

I was buying yet more excellent beer in Forest Wine and saw the latest issue of the E17 magazine. The owner then pointed out next to it a copy of ‘Root + Bone’ so I picked up one of them as well.

This was issue 5 of a quarterly foodie free magazine published by a collective based out of Dalston. While not a food nerd myself there was no reason not to give it a try, maybe discover something new. What I discovered was that it is a genuinely funny read put together by people who love food but also love an excuse to go out eating together. There was much giggling as I read through it. From mouse cancer jokes to the brutality of Icelandinc booze there are many chuckles to be found.

This was the travel issue and articles not only covered London’s foreign cuisine but also essays about culinary travels abroad. Particular favourites were bands revealing their venue riders, fantasy airline food vs. real airline food and a tour of London’s roadside caffs. Intermingled are a lot of recipes for the more motivated to try.

It is a genuinly good read and well worth picking up a free issue from Forest Wines.