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In shopping on November 16, 2016 at 8:12 pm

Congratulations Walthamstow, we have now crossed the hipster event threshold.

Understated exterior

Understated exterior

When this shop opened it was dropped on from a great height by many local commentators (and defended by a lot). It is basically a hipster shop supplying all a gentleman’s hipster needs. Beard oil, cold press coffee, Italian leather coin purses and many, many beard care products. It’s dark wood interior may be enough to tell you it is a manly shop but there are expensive surplus military pouches for sale (top tip: Eastman Surplus on the high street). There is an old voltmeter on a shelf; my partner who is an electrical engineer was most fascinated but found it was not for sale and part of the decor to give this middle class establishment some sort of ‘real working man’ superficial cachet.

I’m a big stationery geek; I was mildly distracted by the pencil case with two unbranded pencils, sharpener and eraser. For fifteen quid. Bollocks to that, I’m importing better pencils from Japan for less.

They have a barbers chair. Having being bald since I was 25 it is hardly a service I’d partake of. Not even for a cutthroat shave.

If you’re a local resident who craves sock suspenders to achieve his ideal of looking like a Victorian pimp, this shop is for you.



E17 Art House

In Art, Gifts, shopping on August 22, 2015 at 5:42 pm

Well the other week Elaine from E17 Art House left a comment here letting me know about their new picture framing and gift shop on Hoe Street, near a couple of places I’d been writing about. After a visit to Indulgence for lunch my partner and I dropped around for a visit.

Lots of craft gifts

Lots of craft gifts

They sell a large range of gifts like soap and ceramics. I was most interested in their small selection of stationery items. I found some smart but lewd notebooks which I bought as a fun gift for a friend. I was tempted by nice pencil cases; maybe next time.

They have a selection of cards for many occasions and wrapping paper.

They have a selection of cards for many occasions and wrapping paper.

I introduced myself and had a lovely chat with Elaine. Her colleague did a free gift wrap on the notebooks I’d bought tied with ribbon and was very well done.

Obviously there is the picture framing. I have a couple of prints I want framing nicely and I intend to bring them along to E17 Art House. With the stow’s artistic community I can see the folks here getting a lot of custom, and being on the walk from Central to the William Morris Gallery will hopefully see visitors buying gifts and art prints there. I’m really glad to see yet another quality shop open near the Bell corner; it is becoming a nexus of cool that isn’t the Village.

Drop in and have a look. They are at 54-56 Hoe Street.

A very smart sign. It's nice to see North Hoe street getting some love.

A very smart sign. It’s nice to see North Hoe street getting some love.