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Nags Head Beer Festival review

In Events on November 16, 2009 at 10:35 am

So my partner and I went to the Nag’s Head for the feline beer festival on Saturday. When we got there we found they didn’t do food, which I thought was odd, so we doubled back to the Village pub for a nice lunch.

When we returned to the Nag’s Head we grabbed a table and then headed out to the garden for the beer. This was on a really wet November day, but clearly the cold was good for the beers which they were serving in a covered area just outside the door. They had twenty beers which is loads, although a few had sold out as this was the last day of the festival. We tried six and they were a very varied bunch.

The staff wore cat T-shirts and there were cat decorations up. Plus they filled a wall with adverts from the Mayhew cat rescue charity for cats that needed rehousing. There seemed to be quite a few people turn up and quite a few of them were women. The feline aspect probably swung them but it’s great to see women drinking real ale and helping to break down it’s men-with-beards image.



Feline Beer Festival

In Events on November 4, 2009 at 9:01 am

The Nag’s Head, one of the best pubs in Walthamstow, is having a mini beer festival celebrating the local cats on 11th to 14th November.

The pub always has nice beer anyway. The pub is on Orford Road in the Village, just five muntes from Walthamstow Central station.

This is Billie, the Nag’s Head cat:

Billie the cat