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Review: Bestowed Kitchen pop up cafe

In food on March 22, 2015 at 12:00 am
Bestowed Kitchen

Nice branding

So I was catching up with some reading in the latest issue of East17 last week and there was an article about Bestowed Kitchen. Following a good review in the Walthamstow Life Facebook page I went along with my partner and her parents to the popup venue on Hoe Street.

It was understandably busy on a Saturday lunchtime. Yet again we have shabby chic with the extra twist that most of the furniture has price tags. I felt like I was having a meal in a thrift shop. The counter seemed to be constructed from pallatte wood and there was art on the walls from local artists. They specialise in nice salads with other food; we only saw the option of chicken but there were 5 different salads.

They have hot drinks, soft drinks and a selection of ELB beers from Stratford.

chicken and salad

Mmm, chicken and salad. (£8 for a ‘main’ and two salads)

So the salad was very nice. The food style remninds me a lot of the Peyton & Byrne menu. Sadly in the busy rush our drinks were forgotten so I had to remind them; with the cutlery at the ‘start’ of the counter I got the impression of foodies with little experience of the practicalities of running a cafe. Their web site details their outside catering, which I suspect their strength lies.

Blueberry cheesecake with ginger base

Blueberry cheesecake with ginger base

We finished off with desserts which were very nice.

I’m glad we have had another successful popup in the council shop. There have been a number of successful projects there and I hope this is another local business given a boost.