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The Bell Pub review

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2014 at 3:42 pm

So a week late in a way as we went to the revamped Bell pub after visiting the William Morris Gallery last weekend.

I never went to the old pub before the revamp and it’s over a year since that happened. While I live just 15 minutes walk away in Higham Hill it’s just not on my route to anywhere. Even when I’m going to the big post sorting office or Walthamstow Central I will avoid that corner and cut down Jewel Road (and if I really want a beer I can stop off in the Rose and Crown). But I’m glad we finally made the effort.


The pub is outfitted in the now typical ‘shabby chic’ (q.v. Chequers and Cafe 56). Lots of mirrors on the walls and mismatched chairs. A few sofas. Still, it has a lot of personality and I was very glad to see families and couples enjoying themselves there. When we went there was a selection of Motown playing, which gets Weird Walthamstow’s seal of approval.


There was a selection of ales so I had a Hotback Summer Lightening. I was asked if I’d like a jug or straight glass, which shows focus to the main product! My partner isn’t a drinker so had a coffee which apparently rated ‘okay’. Their menu is typical top end pub grub; not cheap but no doubt nice. I was still peckish after wandering an exhibition so decided to try the bar snack menu and have a £2.75 sausage roll.


See how nice that looks? Tasted lovely too.

Sadly they don’t seem to have free wifi  – 21st Centuary, guys! The toilets seemed clean and well maintained. It’s always nice to avoid ‘dive’ pubs.

It’s a bit out of my way but I will be making that effort to visit again soon. It’s worth it.