Querky Cafe

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“So what are we doing for lunch?” I asked on a rainy Saturday.
“Lets go to the new querky cafe on this end of the High Street.” said my partner, “I’ve been in there for coffee and it’s nice.”

Turns out it’s actually called the Querky Cafe



So I’m going to start with the conclusion for the TL;DR crowd; this is a modern cafe aimed to the local Muslim market in a similar way that the lovely Bru (balls to working out how to type an umlaut) all the way over on South Hoe Street is (hence the cooked breakfast having turkey bacon and beef sausage like LeDelice does).


It’s fitted out nicely. Notice the sliding door, which I’ll come back to later.

So we went in and had a look at the menu. Couldn’t decide so went and sat in a booth pink lit by a neon sign


Aloha? Surf’s up, Walthamstow!

They have a broad menu. I note there seems to be a few vegetrian options. I was tempted by Eggs Royale, and a weird sweet batter thing but eventually we both wanted something a little more substantial so went for the chicken quesedilla with salad.


And it was nice

The staff were very friendly, there’s free wifi. The only downside is the sliding door which was left open. We sat opposite the counter about 1/3 of the way in and were okay in our hoodies. But the seats next to the door remained empty the whole time.


Pretty seats, sadly neglected.

There’s a load of space in the back and it seemed busy; tables free, but far from empty.

I like Querky Cafe a lot. I’m looking forward to expanding my waistline with their cakes, waffles and savouries. It’s great to have a mid-range cafe down this end of the High Street that isn’t a middle class fantasy (like St James) or an unwelcoming man cave full of blokes. Yet it’s more upmarket than Jessie’s caff. I think it has a niche in the St James street ecosystem and I hope it does well.

Trap Bar

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With a few mates visiting for the afternoon after taking them to Vestry House museum I inevitably took them to the Ravenswood estate. And with my mate Alex wanting a cider it made a perfect opportunity to try the Trap bar.


I think Trap’s colourful, simple paint job juxtaposes well with Pillar’s complex artwork next door.

The bar is well stocked with a range of ciders on tap plus some ales and also a range of bottles and cans.


Cider boxes range from dry on the left to sweet on the right. Note the ‘Card Only’ sign; no cash payments.

I had a nice Heferweizen, another friend had a pale ale while the final two had a different fruit flavoured Seacider each. The woman on the bar was very helpful walking us through the options. Although I did notice a third of the space at the back was racks of bottles and cans. Looking online they also work as a distributer.

They have a bunch of tables with benches indoors and out. The decor is colourful and blessedly they have toilets.


There are lots of plants which add a lot of colour.

Overall I like Trap a lot. I think a cider specialist fits in to Ravenswood great, adding cider to the lager, ale and gin offerings. They add more sitting space making it more pleasant as a visitor. Ravenswood continues to grow as Walthamstow’s drinking hotspot.

International Car Free Day

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So today was international car free day where many cities including London pedestrianise streets. While I’d seen the mayor promote it I didn’t realise that Walthamstow was joining in until I saw a stray post on the Walthamstow Life Facebook group. Since I usually get lunch on Hoe street on a Sunday it worked out perfectly.



So a bit North of the EMD had barriers blocking Hoe Street to traffic (I suspect the actual diversion was back at the Forest Road junction). Then there was a line of stalls being easily perused by many pedestrians (although I did see a few cyclists trying to ride through them).


A mix of stalls

There were some local creators and organisations, some national ones like cycling groups. The EMD had a unit open (the old carpet shop, if I recall) where the Soho Theatre were carrying on engaging with the community about the EMD project.


Soho Theatre still active

While we dropped into Glow to buy a gift it started raining a little. I think the grey sky and forecast probably kept a lot of people away.


Dark skies. The event ended just before the junction at Central station.

This rain was to get worse after I came out of Sainsburys. A pity, but that’s September for you.

As I wandered down the High Street I was given a commemorative tote bag with “WALK CYCLE ENJOY” down one side. While some people actually need to drive Walthamstow is well connected by buses and trains while quite walkable. I hope some who came for the event took a look at our home from the kerb and found it a better way to actually appreciate where we live. I certainly enjoy it from my feet.