Life in the Lockdown

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So, I’ve not had much opportunity to do anything local in the last five weeks.

I started by working from home, which I could do as someone in software development. Then I was told I was being made redundant and had access take from me, including to the social slack groups. So that’s been pretty isolating.

I’ve been taking walks from my little flat to the Wetlands. Once to Lloyd park for variety. Some days I just jog in the unused car park on the estate of flats I live on. I don’t have a garden so that’s the outside time I get.

I’ve been trying to support local business. I still buy local beer. My partner have been getting local take outs from Qwerky Cafe, Jerk Fusion, Yard Sale Pizza and various indian take outs.

I’ve been trying to use the time productively. I’m having a bit of a clear out of videos, DVDs, videogames and books. I’m working on the backlog of entertainment.

I love you, Walthamstow. I love my home. Please try to keep safe.


‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ at William Morris Gallery

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A photo does no justice to the size of the picture

The new exhibition at the William Morris Gallery shows the new works by American artist Kehinde Wiley. He is more famous for doing a portrait of Barack Obama but he has a long style of painting subjects alongside William Morris patterns. In this project he take women from the streets of nearby Dalston and superimposes them with Morris patterns tinted yellow. This is in reference the classic horror tale ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ where a woman goes mad confined to a room alone.

The first impression of these portraits is their size; I’d say the oval frames are about 4 metres high, making the subjects larger than life. The women are literally embedded in the yellow wallpaper. But instead of being suffocated or restrained they seem oblivious to the oppression, existing within that world on their own terms.

In the smaller side room is a film showing the process behind the work and interviews with some of the subjects. It helps give the paintings context.

It’s a great show, on until 25th May. Well worth seeing if you’re near the gallery.

Signature Brewery Tap room

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Before xmas I paid a visit to the Exale tap room on it’s opening day. I only got to have one, quick pint due to needing to go watch the end of the Borough of Culture event. However the next day I got to go have a quiet couple of drinks at the Signature Brewery tap room who are also just off Blackhorse Lane.

Certainly the interior decorating is Rock and Roll. Note the picnic tables in the brewery area.

As someone who loves a tap room this is a fairly typical industrial unit conversion. They have a separate bar area which is a bit more snug. It’s well lit which is nice if you want a read with a beer after work (Exale’s tap room does ‘mood lighting’, not so conducive to a good read).

I love these history boards in the bar. Really smart.

I’ve been twice now and the staff have always been friendly and it has a good music soundtrack. If you’ve not met Signature before their corporate branding is all to do with music, which has led them to do a few collborations with bands. The toasted lager KRFSHT made with punk band Idles is a tasty example.

Signature’s range covers all the main beers styles, some with a twist

Also in the bar you can buy merchandise. I got a beanie hat and tote bag. Also most of the beers are available to take away in cans.

A bit of colour in the brewery area

On the Sunday I visted there was a food stall doing Calzones but they seemed quiet. I hope more food providers come along; I imagine it will be busier in the Spring.

I was busy planning the game I’m running for my roleplaying group

Overall I really like the Signature tap room. I don’t know if they do guest ales but their own range covers all the core styles (my fave is the fruity Roadie IPA). I can see myself visiting here and Exale regularly in the future. I suspect Exale edges ahead in that it is also open on a Thursday meaning there is one weeknight I can catch a beer after work. But both are great additions to beer drinkers in the stow.